Meet our Trainers

  • Douglas Pieterse

    Favourite workout: 1000m row, 50 thrusters, 30 pull ups (Jackie)
    Random fact: I'm secretly a part-time ninja
    How I keep pushing when close to burnout: I break the reps up into small sets and only focus on that
    First Sport I ever did: gymnastics

    Level II Poliquin; CrossFit L1, Gymnastics, Mobility, Endurance, Weightlifting; S.A.G.F Gymnastics Coach; Trigger Point Performance Therapy; IKFF Advanced Kettlebell Circuit Training

    This one time I...won a balloon popping contest when I was 6 by sitting on the balloon.

    Train with me if you like: Steady state torture with a smile!

  • Marco Orcino

    Favorite workout: The actual Power lifting Competition
    How I keep pushing when I am close to burnout: I want to break either the squat or deadlift world record in my weight class one day so I gotta keep pushing!
    First sport played: Basketball
    Achievements: Multiple HK Powerlifting Re
    cords in the 66kg, 74kg and 83kg weight class in the sub-junior, junior and open category Athlete inspiration: Ed Coan, Manny Pacquiao and Allen Iverson
    Favorite Cheat Meal: I eat whatever I want so I guess a salad?

    Bet you didn't know that...I play guitar, bass and drums!

    Train with me if you like: to go hard or go home! I'm about reaching goals no matter what

  • Shea Turner

    Favourite workout: hero WOD glen Doherty which consists of: 135 pound clean and jerk (30 reps); Run 1 mile; 15-foot rope climb (10 reps); Run 1 mile; 100 burpees
    How I keep pushing when close to burnout: I think about how I wouldn’t stop if this was a competition so why would I stop now?
    The first sport I ever played: swimming - but only because my brother and sister did it, as soon as I was allowed to I stopped.
    Athlete inspiration: Rich Froning
    Fave cheat meal: NZ KFC - it’s the best in the world!

    Did you Hogwart's House is Ravenclaw. I also competed in the regional championships in discus just so that I could take a day off school.

    Train with me if you like: sympathy when you need it, or a cup of concrete when you need it!

  • Dora Radic

    Favourite workout : calf raises
    How I keep pushing close to burn out: I imagine how good I’m going to feel afterwards
    Sports I've played: swimming, and I got a silver medal for skiing back in primary school
    Athlete inspiration: Tamra Dae at the moment
    Fave cheat meal : proper Croatian style sandwich !

    I bet you couldn't guess but...I can eat more than a guy!

    Train with me if you like: equal doses of sympathy and punishment!