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Thailand and Back

Aug 14, 2017 | 732 views

So I did a speed trip to Thailand and back to see Dr P.

Getting his insight into anti-aging as well as sports recovery was very interesting. His philosophy is that much like cars, we all come with a “warrantee” which starts to expire as we get older; we need to take better care of ourselves in order to enjoy a pain-free old age. The idea is to bring down inflammation in the body and balance out any hormonal deficiencies to feel 10 years younger. Who would say no to that?

The doctor also went into explaining that often, store bought supplements are inferior as they are not temperature-controlled and remain in storage for a long time before they reach the consumer. The products he was able to give me are maintained fresh with in an uninterrupted cooling chain all the way from the manufacturer to the consumer. This operation means a much higher efficacy out of the product compared to the standard.
From there he went through my blood work and put together the best combination of supplements not only for the 60 days but ongoing after my initial challenge is done. Regarding the training program, he also suggested longer cardio work to bring down some of the upper body mass.

Key Recommended Supplements

Joint: to cope with my current volume, and long term benefits
Liver: healthy liver pretty much means fundamentally healthy everything, including skin and detox
Brain: to help with cognitive function (help me count)
DHEA: bring up my current levels
Recovery: as it states help the body recover from the workouts
Sleep: self explanatory

The trip to Thailand really helped affirm that blindly taking supplements is not a great idea, best to only take what is needed and that better quality supplements go a lot further than taking many average generic ones that have been stored for prolonged periods of time.
As I continue with the challenge I will keep in contact with Dr. P and see what other gems he passes on that I can then share with you.

First day starting tomorrow and I’m excited to see where this goes.