Your Plan Is All About You

It doesn’t matter who you are. We have the expertise, passion, and understanding to help you realize your goals. Let’s work together at your pace, to achieve the results that matter to you.

This Is How We Do It

R3 Fitness Journey

Verbal Assessment (Friendly Chat)

This is an opportunity to discuss your training goals, go through your training history and figure out whether we are a good match. This is after all a fitness journey relationship.

Lifestyle and Movement Assessment

To get to know you better we go through your general lifestyle at home and work which include, stressors, nutrition and general habits. This helps us pin point limitations to your training as well find out what motivates and works well for you.
Looking at your movement patterns, structural balance and covering any injuries will refine your programming further towards your needs.

Fitness & Strength Assessment

Finding your baseline starting point shows us where you’re coming from to where your goals lie and allows us a way to measure results. This opportunity also allows us insight into any major discrepancies regarding your strength and cardio ratios.

1-2 Week Induction

Jumping right in at a realistic pace allows you the chance to start adapting without debilitating pain. This time is also used to help refine the programming, making sure it is exactly suited to your needs.

4/6/8 Week Training Program

The bulk of your training happens here. Training anywhere from 2-5 times a week on a program that is customized entirely towards your relevant goals.

Retest & Results

Let’s showcase how far you have come and brag about the results of your hard work. Baselines are also readjusted here for future training goals.

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