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Our story is nothing without you

At R3 Personal Training, we are truly client-centric. Your experience is personalised and relevant to your goals and lifestyle. Own your exclusive training space at your booked times. Every time. Real and realistic goal-setting, benchmarks and timeframes. No fads or false promises.

We know what it’s like to feel frustrated with stagnant progress. We became increasingly frustrated with the industry’s copy-and-paste approaches, narrow regimes, cramped spaces, shared equipment, indifferent trainers and isolated exercises – so we redefined Personal Training the way it should be: about you, for you.

Our holistic and pragmatic approach focuses on improving your health span so you can live happier, healthier, and fitter. We prioritise Functionality over Vanity, and we are passionate about our core values: Real. Relevant. Results.

And we achieve them by working together to define individual goals that matter for you, in your timeframe and lifestyle capacity. Your individual program is designed to achieve these systematically, for results which are transparently benchmarked and measured. You will feel it, track it, see it.

Our role is to provide your optimal program and to follow through with you, with targeted exercises, nutritional advice and supplement support. To suit you, your lifestyle and your goals.


Our core belief is in extending your healthspan

The human body experiences wear and tear with age and lifestyle. Physical and mental stress, exhaustion, sleep problems, athletic activities and inflammations will inevitably speed up that process.

Contrary to media hype and widely observable quackery, these effects cannot be reversed. "Anti-aging" in terms of reversing age, living 20 years longer or eternal youth is not realistic. Neither is reversing the negative, and often painful, effects of athletic body exhaustion.

Continuous exercise is the key to preventing and delaying these negative effects. It is realistic to have a bio-physical health that is 20 years younger – meaning physiologically feeling up to 20 years younger and feeling healthy and fit for a significantly extended span in our lives. We achieve this by applying targeted and balanced exercise regimen together with contemporary supplement technology.

Our meaningful and scientifically backed approach focuses on extending health span: the number of years of a healthy, disease-free, pain-free and fit life.

Story from our clients

R3 Personal Training is a small gym with a BIG heart and deep deep knowledge and expertise. I’ve been training with Doug and Marco for a long time, even before R3 opened. They’re both great trainers. Each training session is as tough and as gruelling as you want or can handle. No training session is made up of the same workouts. It’s never boring. You finish every session with a feeling of accomplishment. Not often is there much if any “left in the tank”.

While you’re busting a gut, you also learn about why you’re doing what you’re doing and it’s intended benefits. And on top of that you get to learn about nutrition and supplements - you principally learn that there are no silver bullets or shorts cuts. It’s all about discipline and hard work.

I’m the ideal Before and After poster child. I turned 55 this year. I’ve never been fitter, leaner and in better state of mind than this. It’s all due to my hard work and discipline but wouldn’t have gotten there without the guys.

Many thanks Doug and Marco.

        Mamoun Askari

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