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2 Days out

Aug 13, 2017 | 843 views

With only a couple days before I start, I need to get my plan in place!

Week 1 of the training program

For the training, I will have a compulsory workout for each day and an optional one in case I feel amazing. I will be using Fitbot to keep track of the workouts and plan out what I am doing.

Nutrition Planning
For nutrition, I have decided to try sticking to the 2000 calories with the following strategy:
Morning: Super greens + protein
Throughout the day / between meals: Fruit + Veg + Black Coffee
After training: Protein Shake
Meat + Veg for the remainder of the calories
*** Ideally I would like to get to a macro break down that gives me 1.5g of protein per kg of body weight but I won’t break my neck trying to do it.

For the supplements I am off to Bangkok tomorrow to see Dr. P – one of the few renowned experts in Sports and Anti-Aging-Medicine – he was introduced to me by a client who went through a notable transformation with my training programs and the supplement support from the doctor. Once the doctor has gone through an extensive blood/hormone screening with me I should have the best advice on what will be needed for the 60 days.

Stay tuned for more info on this!

The dreaded weigh in and before image
Please be warned, the next part is not pretty. With my weight at an all time high I am hoping for some quick progress in the beginning. As for the love handles only time will tell how long that takes to improve. This is probably the hardest part to publish as it doesn’t make you feel good but I guess it really helps with motivation if you see where you have come from.

Monday Start
The first week will be a good chance to start building routine and ironing out any kinks, I am excited to get this going and to see where we end up.