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This is your space. R3 Personal Training is a premium fitness studio in the heart of Central, Hong Kong that redefines the “Personal” in your Personal Training experience to deliver real, relevant results. We create a comprehensive, customized program for fitness training, nutrition, lifestyle and supplements – based on your objectives and personal fitness assessment. Train at your rhythm, towards your goals, in your own private training space for optimal efficiency. With experienced personal trainers at your fingertips, we provide a real, quality experience – the way personal training should be.

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I’ve exercised and trained since I was a teenager, and Marco is definitely one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. He constantly challenges my potential, fully knows my strengths and weaknesses, and helps me achieve astounding results. I’m 44 now, have had two kids, and my body is the fittest it’s ever been. Thanks Marco for turning my body around - and, ha ha, getting me to do my first pull up in just three months!

Davena Mok, Director of A-Vibe PR/events agency


R3 Personal Training is a small gym with a BIG heart and deep deep knowledge and expertise. Each training session is as tough and as gruelling as you want or can handle. No training session is made up of the same workouts. It’s never boring. I turned 55 this year. I’ve never been fitter, leaner and in better state of mind than this. It’s all due to my hard work and discipline but wouldn’t have gotten there without the guys.

Mamoun Askari

One to one personal training

Train towards your goals for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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Semi-private classes for real relevant results.

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Our exclusive personal trainers are passionate about health and fitness. We have a strong belief that a healthy body is the foundation for a positive life and commit to help you achieve the real relevant results.

Douglas Pieterse

Favourite workout: 1000m row, 50 thrusters, 30 pull ups (Jackie)

Random fact: I'm secretly a part-time ninja

How I keep pushing when close to burnout: I break the reps up into small sets and only focus on that

First Sport I ever did: gymnastics

Qualifications: Level II Poliquin; CrossFit L1, Gymnastics, Mobility, Endurance, Weightlifting; S.A.G.F Gymnastics Coach; Trigger Point Performance Therapy; IKFF Advanced Kettlebell Circuit Training

This one time I...won a balloon popping contest when I was 6 by sitting on the balloon.

Marco Orcino

Favorite workout: The actual Power lifting Competition

How I keep pushing when I am close to burnout:

I want to break either the squat or deadlift world records together in my weight class one day so I gotta keep pushing!

First sport played: Basketball

Achievements: Multiple HK Powerlifting Records in the 66kg, 74kg and 83kg weight class in the sub-junior, junior and open Category

Athlete inspiration: Ed Coan, Manny Pacquiao and Allen

Iverson Favorite Cheat Meal: I eat whatever I want so I guess a salad?

Davide Silipo

Favorite workout: 300 push ups 150 burbees 50 pull ups 25 pistols squat!

How I keep pushing when I'm close to burnout: I build up the habit to finish my workout no matter what!

Random fact: I was a soldier then I chose to be a shaolin monk!

First sport I ever did: soccer

Achievement: Winning a keepy up competition when I was about 6!

Athlete inspiration: Bruce Lee

Favorite cheat meal: pizza Margherita

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