This is your space. R3 Personal Training is a premium fitness studio that redefines the “Personal” in your Personal Training experience to deliver real, relevant results. We create a comprehensive, customized program for training, nutrition, lifestyle and supplements - based on your objectives and personal assessment. Train at your rhythm, towards your goals, in your own private training space for optimal efficiency. We provide a real, quality experience - the way personal training should be.

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If you have any questions or would like to make your first booking, call us +852 2468 3866 or submit the form below. You can also say hi on our Facebook or Instagram page, or why not ask a question directly to one of our chat agents?

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R3 is a digital social media publication that reaches out to the health minded active community seeking guidance for a better informed, healthier, happier and fitter lifestyle!

Independently published in Hong Kong by decade-experienced and multi-certified coach Doug Pieterse, he researches, edits, blogs, vlogs and photographs to produce a guiding magazine of immersive stories, product-forward editorials, evidence based reports and pragmatic tips.

He shares them in the spirit of Real Relevant Results.